Unikra: Settlement, Part VI

The sky turned pink as the sun rose. Orange rays beamed off the clouds. I watched from my blanket as the colors danced across the endless sky. Rona ate the grass from the ground while she waited for me to rise. I enjoyed the morning light. It was calming, peaceful. I didn’t need to be anywhere in this world. The colors made all forethought dissipate. It meant nothing to the sky, therefore, it was meaningless. I didn’t like the idea, but it was a nice escape.

Once I’d had my fill, I moved on. I rolled my blanket up and put it back onto Rona. We continued our ride to Unikra. The forest was dense, but we passed through it easily enough. I enjoyed the cool spring air. It was nice to be on a mission again. I’d been in the fortress for far too long it seemed. The tests they had me endure lasted three months, I’d been there for a year straight before that. I was truly happy to finally be on assignment again.

After spending the morning in the forest, I finally emerged onto a trail. The trail was one I’d been on before, it led straight to the Unikren Gates. I followed it as it turned south. I could see the city now. It was far off in the distance, but the tall towers sprung from the ground like mountains. The green glow that the Elvin stones emitted shined in the daylight. It made the city seem almost unreal. I liked the sight.

To my left and right, people were planting potatoes and corn. The peasants worked and paid little attention to me. Although, I noticed a little girl following me. Her blonde hair made it clear she was a local. There were only a few places where you could find people with blonde hair. Unikra was one of them. The little girl inched closer to me as I rode. She didn’t appear to have parents taking care of her, so I wasn’t sure what to do.

“Hi mister!” She spoke in a vibrant tone.

“Hello young lady.” I spoke pleasantly to her.

“Where ya goin’?” She spoke sloppily.

“Why to Unikra.” I smiled at her. “Where else would I be going?” I questioned.

“I dunno.” She mumbled. “Some of the fisherman take this rode.” She explained.

“I see,” I puzzled her words for a mere second. “But don’t the fisherman sell their food in Unikra?” I asked.

The little girl stuck her thumb in her mouth as she thought. “Yeah!” She yelled once she realized the answer.

“So wouldn’t you say that the fisherman would also be going to Unikra?” I continued.

“Yeah, I guess they do!” Her broken speech blurted.

“So you see, it’s safe to assume that most going south on this road will eventually be in Unikra.” I told her. “What is your name?” I asked.

“Diona.” She spoke her name proudly.

I smiled. “Diona, that’s a beautiful name. You’ll grow up and have beautiful children with beautiful names someday.”

“Wow thanks mister!” She shouted with joy.

Her attention was quickly grasped by something else, and she left me.

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