Unikra: Settlement, Part IV

I walked with a new level of vigor. I held my head high. The barracks and workstations seemed more like palace hallways with each passing step. It would be interesting, my first assassination alone. I was ready. I went to my bed where I kept my weapons. It was a bunk, cut into the stone. I was happy with the top bunk. They were laid out so there were three people per bunk, one on top of the other.

I put my daggers in their place. I attached my two iron swords to their sheaths on my back. I was happy to finally have my cloak. Now my swords were concealed perfectly underneath it. A large hand flopped lazily onto my shoulder. I looked to see Shogman behind me. His cold stare made me happy. For once he wasn’t scolding me.

“I guess this is where you show what you’re made of.” He told me. “You’re the youngest assassin yet, don’t fail us.”

“Of course Shogman.” I gave a bow of respect.

“Now,” Shogman made me walk with him to exit the fortress. “I want you to get the job done first. Then you can spend a day or two in Unikra to celebrate your promotion. The sights are beautiful the first time you truly look at them. The women are beautiful, and the wine is superb.”

I smiled at the thought. I was also a little shocked that he was so willing to let me stay. I was thinking I would have to sneak this by everyone. I was happy I was able to get permission. “Thank you Shogman.”

“Yes well, I had Tuwa prepare Rona for you. You should be fit to ride all the way to Unikra without much trouble.”

We walked to the end of the fortress. We walked the steps into the open field. The sun shined bright onto the green pasture. Tuwa stood with Rona’s reigns in his hand. Rona was prepped and ready to go.

Tuwa bowed when we approached. “Y-your horse is ready Ocifer.” Tuwa blurted.

“Yes, thank you, Tuwa. Please, wait inside.” I told him.

“Of course.” He gave me the reigns and stumbled away. I enjoyed having the young kid around. I was going to miss showing him what to do.

“Ocifer,” Shogman spoke. “Safe travels.”

Shogman offered a hand shake. I accepted with a strong sense of pride.

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