Unikra: Settlement, part II

The walk was silent. The trees shaded us on our journey. Tuwa seemed a little too excited, but I wasn’t bothered. The grass was getting long as the end of spring approached. I gladly welcomed it. I liked the long grass on my hardened leather boots. The forest trees opened into a wide field. The doors to the underground fortress were open. Shogman stood in front of it, waiting for us. His bearded face gave no expression. He simply stood. His long hair blew in the slight wind. His golden armguard was covered by his gray cloak. The cloak I would soon be getting.

“Good, you’re here.” Shogman spoke blankly. “I was worried you wouldn’t come at Tuwa’s request.”

“I’m stubborn, not stupid Shogman. “ I told him. “I knew he came at your request, and if I didn’t come you wouldn’t be nearly as gracious.”

“Fine then, but be weary of your confidence, it may be your downfall.”

“Yes, thank you Shogman.” I thanked him.

“Shall we?” Shogman ushered Tuwa and I in.

The stairs dug deep into the earth. They went down the length of three houses. The large fortress opened at the end. The ceiling was tall, the room was huge. Pillars stood tall here. The ceiling was filled with arches for support. In the squares on the ceiling without the arch, there were stalactites. I felt right at home here. This was my sanctuary from the world. I walked to the other side of the fortress and took a right. At the far end was a stone door that led to The Elders’ room. This is it. I told myself. It’s time.

I opened the doors to meet my fate.

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