Review: Warm Bodies

While I didn’t have the pleasure of reading the book (By: Isaac Marion) before watching the movie, it was an enjoyable film. The characters had personality, the plot was solid, and I especially liked the “Boney’s” twist. There was one point when I thought the movie was going to end and I thought: No, it can’t end here. That would be a terrible ending, and as a result it would make the movie terrible. But the movie went on, and it ended very classically.

Now if you’re looking for a good zombie movie, this is not it. Anyone who likes the serious horror of zombies would not like the lightheartedness of “Warm bodies”. While yes, there were a few parts that were slightly hipped up, one of them even made me jump. But overall, it is not scary at all. So if you’re a man who loves zombie movies, has a girlfriend who scares easy, and can stand the logical inaccuracies, this would be a good movie to see with your girlfriend.

There is only one real problem I had with the movie, and that is, all of the really funny parts of the film could be seen in the commercial. There was very little comedy that wasn’t previously shown in the commercials. If you wanted to watch it solely for comedic relief, you’d be better off just watching the commercials.

The Boney’s were the best part of the movie for me. It was the only thing that a true zombie fan would enjoy. They answer all the questions about zombie decomposing that most zombie movies either overlook, or make up some generic excuse. The Boney’s gave some fresh air to that side of the genre.

The characters were well developed. They all had their own personality, and nothing was ever too over the top. Well, kind of, there were a few characters that suddenly were able to do things they couldn’t previously, and some hardened mindsets that almost reached psychotic. But in a zombie apocalypse, can you blame them? So I do not suggest this for anyone who likes classic zombies, but if you want a new age love story that’s better than twilight, this is the movie to watch.

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