Dragons, Volume IV

Written by Nevibeth, a scholar from “The Kingdom That Was”



Water Dragons, these are almost as rare as the ancient Earth Dragons. As such, I have never seen these dragons either. In fact, the only place I could find any information on them was in an elvish temple. It was a quaint little place along the eastern shores. I can only assume that that is precisely where the Water Dragons will be found, assuming there are any left. Dragons are becoming increasingly rare. There may come a day when people start to think that dragons are simply a myth.

Water Dragons are uniquely special in the fact that they can swim, as well as fly. According to the scrolls, their wings are nimble enough to carry them through the water, and strong enough to keep them in the air. Their bodies are particularly interesting. They are like nothing else in the family of dragons. They resemble that of a serpent more than they do a dragon. They’re long and thin. I discovered this when I saw a painting of the creatures. They truly are magnificent.

I wish I could find a way to secure the dragon’s future. But it appears their reign on this world is almost at an end. Maybe this isn’t the end. Maybe the end of the dragons will bring about something new. Like the myths of the phoenix. Their young are born from the ashes of their mothers. Maybe a new, shining age will be born from the dragon’s ashes.

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