Dragons, Volume III

Written by Nevibeth, a scholar from “The Kingdom That Was”


Earth Dragons, these are the most diverse and intriguing of the dragon races. They are wondrous beings that flourish wherever there is wild life. Understanding this strange race has been a lifelong goal of mine. As there are so few who are even interested in the dragons, I found it hard to study them. The Earth Dragons in particular because of their natural ability to blend in.

To be perfectly clear, I’ve found that there are actually three types of earth dragons, each with their own specific traits. The rarest of these are the ancient Earth Dragons. I have never actually seen one myself, but the scrolls I have read about them are fascinating. They’re said to be so large, and move so little, that they are often mistaken for the actual landscape. Not much else is known about these mysterious beings.

The next is the true earth dragon. This magnificent being is found only in the most remote mountains. Its stature is very strong and hardy. Its four legs bulge from its body like mountains. Its wings are old and brittle, like the ancient city stones. It has no known abilities, but the is one that can be spotted from time to time along the western mountains.

The last are the miner Earth Dragons. Some have come to calling them “Scavengers” for their base animal like actions. They stand on two legs, and have hands with thumbs. They are the only Dragons ever recorded to have such features. They appear human in looks, but their long necks, dragon heads and bat-like wings make a clear distinction. Their green scales are also a clear difference. Their actions are quite similar to that of wolves. They hunt in packs, and have been known to be trained by humans on occasion. But they are primitive beings, they lack the ability to understand any better than a four year old, and catching them is nearly impossible. So most just let them be.

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