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It’s been an interesting night. My head’s been scrambled this whole day so it’s been slightly annoying, but things like this happen. I tried everything possible, but my thoughts just wouldn’t get in line. I felt like I was thinking in circles. I guess everyone has those days. So anyway, YouTube made a rewind of all the most popular channels on their sight. It was a great video with a lot of funny clips going around. I shared it on my facebook not too long ago.

Chevy Chase is 69 years old… that looks… never mind. It’s kind of sad. He made a lot of great movies. It’s sad to see he’s no longer in his youth. I guess all things must end. I was talking to a friend the other day. He wanted to know how to get girls to like him. I could have given him a variety of mocking suggestions or cheap puns. But I decided to help a bro out and give him some good advice. Here it is:

First off, listen. Girls like to talk, so let them talk. But have something intelligent to say when they’re done. You don’t want to have been looking at her boobs the whole time and have nothing relevant to the conversation to say.

Next, take it easy. You don’t have to spend every second of the day nagging at one girl. That makes you a stalker. Relax, let loose, and give her, her space. I’m not however, suggesting you ignore her. Pursue the relationship at a pass that makes you comfortable.

Third piece of advice, be yourself. You do not have to impress the girl with everything you’re good at. In fact, referring to my first bit, it’s best you say nothing at all about yourself until she asks. If she doesn’t ask, let her do the talking. Obviously, if this goes against your personality, don’t do this. Never give off an impression that you are anything other than you, unless you’re going for a one night stand but that’s a completely different thing.

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