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I was talking to a few of my readers today. Since they all had some kind of experience in the writing world, they gave me some constructive criticism. I was actually very surprised. Passed a few areas that didn’t flow as well as they could have, they loved it. Honestly the biggest complaint I received was that it was short and they wanted more. In my mind that sounded pretty good, especially since I’m working on the second book right now.

So after we talked I watched a show and started writing. I liked where a particular piece was going, so I’m adding it to this post. Ocifer and Sliver have a very interesting exchange.

Conclude what you like, I hope you enjoy it:

“I opened my eyes to Sliver. She was on her knees, holding my face in her small hands.

“Ocifer, you’re okay.” She said in a sigh of relief.

She then smacked me across the face.

“How could you!?” She demanded.”

I recently saw the commercial for “Jack Reacher”. Now, I’m not a big fan of Tom Cruise, but the commercial did make it look/sound like a good movie (As all good trailers do). To me it looked like a very well weaved story, even though it had the unrealistic hero aspect. All in all I’ll probably wait and buy it later, after I’ve seen a few reviews about it.

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