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Shower, check

Shave, check

Pants… where are my pants? While I’m on that subject, why is it that someone can walk into a McDonald’s with a shirt, shoes, but not pants or underwear, can be served? Obviously this is a joke and anyone who tries that would get kicked out. But the moral of the story is that after they kick you out, they’ll add to the sign requiring some kind of undergarment. I would suggest a good kilt for next time, that way you can still flash them. Yes, I’m Scottish, and that’s why I can make kilt jokes.

Speaking of Jokes, I haven’t heard a good joke in quite a while. My comedy has been filled with FML’s and memes. It’s been too long since I’ve seen a good comedian. Sometimes we need to just sit back and watch someone crack jokes about life, themselves, and our culture. No one can be serious all the time. Everyone needs a break.

I’m a little sad though. It’s going to be very hard to find a Twinkie. Why do I want a Twinkie? Because everybody knows that Twinkies go good with comedy. It’s that simple. I just made you all suffer because you know you may never be able to try it. So you won’t know if I’m lying or not. Let me put it this way for you: Personal preference.

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