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I received a used computer a few days ago, and yesterday I was able to get the rest of the components needed to get it up and running again. After going through the software multiple times, I found problems and bugged software throughout. I spent most of that day working on the computer. I did everything from defrag to a disk cleanup. My grandpa and a tech were gracious enough to oversee and help me through the system. After doing all that, I still wasn’t sure I’d brought it to its full potential. So I ran a few more diagnostics to make sure all the problems were fixed. It seemed in downloading my personal software I fixed all its internet and hard drive issues.

Now my goal has never been to become a tech nerd, but I found it a lot easier to learn and fix the problems myself (even if I did need a little help). If everyone learns a little bit about the systems they use, there is no reason to take them in to technicians. Here’s a little tip for my PC’s out there. The Accessories bar has a system tools page. Open that to find defragment and disk cleanup. That will help all of you keep your computer running smoothly.

I wonder what gamers would be like if they all knew how to fix their systems when they broke. That would be an interesting sight. Perhaps the age of self made computers is upon us. Personally I like it. I would love to build my own computer. That may be a future project for me to work on.

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