Magic Push

I’ve been writing out ideas for books for a while now on my blog, so I thought I’d post another one. I’ve finished up the outline draft for this book as well as the first chapter(which I will be posting below). Magic Push is the working title I’ve chosen for this particular story. I’ll go over it briefly with you. Two warring kingdoms have brought technology and magic to a level beyond any other. The first kingdom (no working name yet) filled with magic users and a monarch system has decided they will be the supreme race, ruling all others. This prompted a civil war with the mechanics of this world, who thought to advance technology instead of magic, splitting themselves into a second kingdom, the rebels have fought the first kingdom for decades, slowly losing more and more of their vast land. Their need for weapons that could defeat … continue reading…

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I don’t think it’s possible to live without passion, burning desire that will sweep across you like a raging fire. I can’t even fathom what my life would be like without this urge. I can’t sleep at night, my mind will wonder for days if I don’t satisfy this thirst of mine. Yes, I’m talking about writing. My passion, what I spend days thinking about, and what I hope to never stop doing. Now that I’ve described for you what my passion looks like, let me tell you, I struggle with it. Currently as a young ambitious supervisor at multi-billion dollar retail establishment, I sometimes don’t find time in my schedule to put my mind to the words I wish to bring the world. My mind does not flourish with thoughts of devious mystics or slumbering dragons. My creativity will… at times, fade. Now this is usually where myself and … continue reading…

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Say Something

Pentatonix 1

So I’ve been doing a little web searching and found a cool cover of the song “Say Something”. Pentatonix Did this cover, and it is one of my favorites from them. Getting back into blogging, I’ve decided to add a little bit of flair and social media to my schedule. But I’m not one to start with a bang. Instead I will opt for an eased and careful plan. So take a look at some of the stories I have in the Unikra section, there will soon be more to come, so be sure to watch for that. In the mean time, take a look at this awesome cover.

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Unikra – Book Party on Facebook

Winners – Book Party Awards 8 – 10 – 2013 1) Betrayer – Sliver – Brenna V. Digitas 233 2) Lizard – Corky – Cherylyn R. Dark Revelation 3) Main Character – Fiona Kings Ride 4) Screams – Summary – Heidi Kai’s book 5) Comments – Kenton’s Blog Shadow on the Land 6) Comments – Interview Marilyn Monroe Fun Read Kenton Verhoeff was interviewed by Fiona – for her website. VIEW HERE.

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My Dream

I’m not joking. I had a dream last night and would like to share it before I forget important details. I won’t ruin it here. This is the dream I had last night. How it began is rather fuzzy, but myself and three other people were invited to a castle. Within this castle we were told we could do whatever we liked. My friends and I spent an immeasurably long time messing with the staff and taking dears to jump onto the chandelier. Sometime in the duration of this, I noticed water was spilling into the castle. When I spoke to the steward about it, she told me in a frantic tone that the castle was flooding and that we needed to retreat to the orphanage at the top of the hill. So myself and my three friends rain through pouring rain to get to this orphanage. After a passage … continue reading…

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Dragon Eaters

It is said that there was a time before the Kingdom that was. In this time, the world was dominated by nature. Elves flourished in this ageless time. The seven tribes of the elves ruled over all the land. Each keeping to their own, individual rituals. More will be said about the tribes at a later time. for now, we will look at the tribe of Bulgenwel. The tribe of Bulgenwel is a tribe of mystery. They are the only elvish tribe to worship Death. They believe Death to actually be a person, and that he is connected intently with the ancient creatures, that is, the elves and the dragons. among the Bulgenwel are the elites, called the Tribal Star Riders. These are what others call, the Dragon Eaters. They feast on the hearts of dragons. They believe that doing so will bring them closer to death, and thus, closer … continue reading…

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During Zarfen’s ploys to destroy the Elvish race, he creating many beings as test subjects to improve his magical and necromantic powers. One of Zarfen’s first findings was the ability go the Spirit Realm. Zarfen used this power to create many new beings. One of these creatures is the Hellscythe. One of Zarfen’s first ideas to destroy the elves was to fight them with undead creatures. He used the corpses of dead solders to do so. After opening a portal to the Spirit Realm, Zarfen took the spirit of a wolf and imbued it into the dead human. Zarfen’s attempt failed 30 times. The 31st try was met with an unexpected result. The dead human awoke as though he had never died. Upon further examination Zarfen found that there were no changes in the human’s physical body. His personality was that of a human as well. He was literally, a … continue reading…

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